We offer 4 computers and 6 i-pads for in-house use- Please sign in at the desk when you start and finish

Useage is for 30 minutes/ unless no one is waiting, than may be used longer. 

 The 4 Computers have the capability to scan documents, print in color or black/white

Able to make copies- 81/2 X 11 or 81/2 X 14 in color or black/white

scanning is free and copies are .10 cents for black/white .25 cents for color for 81/2x11 more for larger paper size. 

 Send a fax- $1.00 for 1st sheet. $.50 for each additional sheets

Colored Cardstock and white  11 X 17 paper available for purchase

WIFI avaiable 24/7 password by  library doors

Photo Studio available for use- Take that perfect picture!

We don't have the book or item you want? We can order it for you from another library

Read or Listen for Free on your computer i-pad or -phone Call or stop in to find out how.

Community Center Meeting Rooms avaible for rent-Check under "About the library" for prices and how to make a reservations